Learning how to say no is important. Some people are able to handle many demands on their time with ease. That doesn’t mean you are one of those people. We all have our own threshold for stress and handle things differently. In order to avoid becoming overburdened and resentful, learn how to say no.

stockphotos.io_time_clock_1385409924a2d14-600x400-300x200Accept Your Time Limits

Realize you only have so much time. Even if you multi-task, there’s a point where you can’t do more without cutting corners. Don’t try to carve out time where it doesn’t exist.

Delay Saying Yes

If you’re reluctant to say no because you know it’s a worthy request, delay saying yes. This will give you time to weigh your options. This way, even if you have to say no, you won’t regret it later.

Don’t be Afraid to set Boundaries

Know what your limits are and stick to them. Don’t be afraid of people’s reaction. There are those who’ll try to manipulate you. Over time, people will realize you have boundaries and learn to respect them.

Practice Compromise

If there’s a worthy cause you’d like to commit to, but know you don’t have time, offer your services in a smaller capacity. Practice compromising by speaking aloud. For example, say, “I am not able to organize the fundraiser, but I’m available to help you clean up afterward.”

Know Your Skills and Strengths

Know yourself, your skills, what you’re able to accomplish and how long it takes you to do it. This will help you schedule better and avoid over committing.

stockphotos.io_family_father_son_13846422145db1e-600x398-300x199Prioritize Your Schedule Each Week

Prioritize your schedule to ensure the most important things always get done. It’ll also give you a good mental picture of the time you do have available. If family is first, mark out their time on the calendar weeks in advance, if possible, before the rest of your schedule is set.

Ask Others for Help

Ask others for help in order to free up more time in your schedule. For example, if someone asks you for help, but you don’t have time, allow them to take on one of your pending tasks so you can say yes.

Be Consistent

Teach others that you’ll say yes if you can, but if you can’t, you’ll say no. Only commit willingly in order to avoid stress, missed deadlines, and resentment from yourself and others.

Are you having difficulty setting boundaries and learning how to say no? Do you feel overburdened? You could be suffering from underlying issues that have thrown your life off balance. Contact us today for a free consultation. We’ll be happy to get you back on track.

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