Like everyone else in Simi Valley, you have a wide range of therapists you can choose from. So why choose Gray Matters? For the past 27 years, I have turned my passion for helping others connect and grow toward the community. Whether you need support as you raise a child with special needs, or want a counselor who can approach your situation with a Christian foundation, Gray Matters is here to help.

I teach three primary skills to help you meet your goals, regardless of whether they are your own or for your family.


Take the initiative to express your convictions and concerns with openness and honesty. I teach how to exercise assertiveness with both empathy and compassion. Set boundaries, express yourself, and experience more balance in your relationships.


How well do you stand in the face of adversity? I help my clients understand how to respond to changes in their environment. Resiliency helps you let go and move on while abandoning old patterns that no longer serve you. Alleviate stress and hopelessness by mastering this skill with me.


Enjoy who you are and present your true self to those around you without fear. My goal is to help you feel confident, empowered, strong, and content with who you are at your core. Process your difficult experiences and challenge your negative beliefs in a supporting, guiding environment by turning to Gray Matters.

Gray Matters stands above the rest because of my unyielding dedication and passion for what I do. Get in touch today to schedule your first appointment.