Enjoy the convenience and comfort of a counseling session within your own space. Whether at home or in the office, you can video chat with your therapist. Online video session is a live session similar to an office appointment, and it just may be the right choice for you.

Many of the Gray Matters clients choose a telehealth video counseling session because they:

● Need an appointment during a break at work
● Want a convenient session in between errands
● Need early or late appointments outside of business hours
● Want to save on childcare and travel expenses
● Seek privacy
● Do not have access to professionals in their area

No matter what your reason, I’d be happy to schedule an online video session at your convenience. Whether you live outside of the Simi Valley area or cannot travel to my office for whatever reason, we can use online video counseling as a solution.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the sessions, my availability, areas of expertise, or special needs advocacy. I look forward to supporting you in any way that I can, including over our video counseling sessions.