1. Learn how to say NO… So you can say YES

    Learning how to say no is important. Some people are able to handle many demands on their time with ease. That doesn't mean you are one of those people. We all have our own threshold for stress and handle things differently. In order to avoid becoming overburdened and resentful, learn how to say no. Accept Your Time Limits Realize you only have so much time. Even if you multi-task, there's a p…Read More

  2. Codependency and How it Effects Your Self Esteem

    Codependency is a term which most people use casually, without realizing how serious and debilitating it can be. But codependency is much more harmful and prevalent than people realize, affecting the majority of Americans in a way that eats away at their quality of life. It can turn them into self-loathing control freaks who have little chance of ever achieving emotional intimacy. Sounds pretty ug…Read More