1. Learn how to say NO… So you can say YES

    Learning how to say no is important. Some people are able to handle many demands on their time with ease. That doesn't mean you are one of those people. We all have our own threshold for stress and handle things differently. In order to avoid becoming overburdened and resentful, learn how to say no. Accept Your Time Limits Realize you only have so much time. Even if you multi-task, there's a p…Read More

  2. A Brief Guide to Plan Ahead to Balance Your Time

    The pressures of life cause people to lose sight of the big picture plan for their lives in favor of the day-to-day.  In order to find balance in your life and push towards the goals that matter, you must organize and balance your time.  With a simple plan for the future, you can start getting closer to where you want to be. 1.  Outline Your Goals The very first step is knowing exactly what you…Read More

  3. Psychotherapist in Simi Valley Examines List of Excuses

    We all make excuses from time to time, without even realizing it.  We often have a false sense of what is truly important to us by our priority list.  Much of how we can evaluate this list is to look at how much time and money we are expending upon those priorities.  We can also look at our priorities by the things we think about and invest our emotions towards.  So our false sense of prioriti…Read More

  4. How do I Make Myself Happy? Take Ownership of Your Life.

    How do I make myself happy? It is more than a simple question that one may ask when standing in front of a mirror.  It actually can be the beginning of a new exciting adventure into reflecting on many of the triggers that governs good moods or bad moods.  But happiness is more than moods as much as it is also a life pattern of actions that one takes in dealing with people and how positive  inte…Read More