1. 5 Practical Ways to Keep Your House Organized

    Remember how nice and organized your home was when you first moved in and neatly arranged all of your furniture and decorations before the clutter encroached? It can be that way again if you decide to get your house organized. Here are some tips to get started. Accept The Space You Have A common misconception among those with clutter in their homes is that if they just had more room, they could …Read More

  2. A Brief Guide to Plan Ahead to Balance Your Time

    The pressures of life cause people to lose sight of the big picture plan for their lives in favor of the day-to-day.  In order to find balance in your life and push towards the goals that matter, you must organize and balance your time.  With a simple plan for the future, you can start getting closer to where you want to be. 1.  Outline Your Goals The very first step is knowing exactly what you…Read More

  3. Negotiations, Communication and Time in Relationships

    The power to negotiate is very useful.  Negotiations take place in business and in relationships.  I think most of us understand this concept of negotiating from an imagined attorneys view or business model, however, what I am pointing out is how we have the opportunity to participate in negotiations in our personal relationships.  This begins with getting to know another person and what they n…Read More