1. My Spouse Spends Too Much Money, What Should I do?

    Few things can cause trouble in a marriage like money and budgeting woes.  This is particularly true when one partner seems to spending a great deal of money that the other feels should be going into savings or otherwise being set aside for a rainy day.  Unless the couple can come together and discuss money and budgeting in an open manner, the spending will eventually create a great deal of ange…Read More

  2. Relationship Problems and Valentines Day

    When someone says Happy Valentine's Day do you feel happy or do you feel depressed? Valentine's Day is typically a time when couples or families will celebrate love towards each other.  People will share in special dinners, giving gifts of chocolate and flowers or offering special foot massages to their partner.  If Valentine's Day is not an enjoyable holiday time for you to reflect on love...…Read More

  3. Negotiations, Communication and Time in Relationships

    The power to negotiate is very useful.  Negotiations take place in business and in relationships.  I think most of us understand this concept of negotiating from an imagined attorneys view or business model, however, what I am pointing out is how we have the opportunity to participate in negotiations in our personal relationships.  This begins with getting to know another person and what they n…Read More