The power to negotiate is very useful. Negotiations take place in business and in relationships. I think most of us understand this concept of negotiating from an imagined attorneys view or business model, however, what I am pointing out is how we have the opportunity to participate in negotiations in our personal relationships. This begins with getting to know another person and what they need or want. This also begins with knowing your own needs and wants so that you can congruently express them.

This actually will require “Communication”, yes that long dragged out word “Communication!”, and time spent with that person to provide the time to “Communicate.”

Yes, time to communicate and time to negotiate your needs and desires is really the only way to have a negotiation of any kind. I mean this very literally and practically. Often people expect change to occur through osmosis. Others expect change to occur by doing nothing different, others settle for things to stay the same, and others give up. Which one are you? What I do know is that most change occurs by doing something different. What relationships are in that are in need of some new negotiations? Maybe you need to get to know yourself to negotiate more effectively. It takes time, and intentional communication to participate in negotiating relationships of all kinds.