How do I make myself happy? It is more than a simple question that one may ask when standing in front of a mirror. It actually can be the beginning of a new exciting adventure into reflecting on many of the triggers that governs good moods or bad moods. But happiness is more than moods as much as it is also a life pattern of actions that one takes in dealing with people and how positive interaction can set you on a path to have a great day and week.

Take Responsibility

While it may seem much easier to point the finger of responsibility at someone else who made you feel bad or set you in a downward negative emotional spiral, you have the power to reverse the emotional course. If a person allows a friend, family member or co-worker to take responsibility in making that person happy they are giving power and control to someone else. Happiness is a seed that should be planted and nurtured in the emotional garden. The flower that emerges from the soil can be quite beautiful and in effect make myself happy.

Stop the Blame Game

Blaming people because you are not happy can be counterproductive. Instead, take a look at some of the actions that make you happy and examine when they occur. For instance, take a look at what occasions make you feel happy. Are they holidays, special events or an achievement at work, school or life goal? If any one of these occasions are key then make a plan to place more of those types of emotional make myself happy triggers on the ‘Happy List’!

Also equally important is to examine what are some of the instances that you have decided to blame another party for your lack of happiness. If a person is a loved one or a friend disappoints or a family member did not come through when needed then step back and do not let it ruin the mood or the day. Remember you are in control so brush off those negative feelings and let the offending party know how their actions are disappointing and invite them to improve.

Be Goal Oriented

One of the great options available for anyone or for couples in need of a happiness boost is to start setting goals to accomplish true happiness. For instance: make a ‘Happy List’ by placing individual or joint calendar events to actually plan happiness dates to do exciting and fulfilling things like parties, dinners, special events or simply a nice walk in a park. Remember to take ownership of the list. Place as little or as much on it and schedule those happiness dates. Before one knows it, they will not only be feeling happier but their happiness can actually become contagious and affect others around them

Implement Goals

Planning happiness goals is important but implementing them will actually seal the deal on continuing happiness. It is best to not tackle huge happiness goals right off the bat. Instead start with small seeds and fertilize them with something that makes one feel good inside. Think about it like buying a tasty treat that one would love to relish because it makes them feel good inside. Savor and relish the happy moments and move onto the next one.

Before one knows it, they will be engaged in doing things that make them happy and will have gained full control of how their life reflects that new wonderful mood. So don’t worry, be happy!

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