Saving your marriage takes commitment and sacrifice from both people involved. If you both don’t want to make real changes and come together to create a healthy relationship, your chances aren’t great. But the good news is that all it takes is a willingness to try in order to make some headway. Here are some of the things you’ll have to face if you want to save your marriage:

Taking a Close Look at the Flaws

One of the most important things you and your spouse will need to do is take a serious look at the flaws in your relationship so that you can figure out how to iron those flaws out. This is tough because it means pinpointing each person’s flaws and talking through them in order to come to effective conclusions and compromises.

Taking Responsibility for the Past

Each of you will have to take responsibility for the past before you can build a future together. Owning up to the things that have hurt your relationship is the first step in healing from mistakes made in the past. A good start is to write down the things you’d like to take responsibility for and then build upon that list when communicating with your spouse.

Learning New Skills

It isn’t enough to want to make changes within your relationship. You have to learn new skills that will help you effectively make those changes. Taking a relationship class or attending marriage counseling together is a good way to start learning the new skills you’ll need to build a healthy relationship.

Being Open to Feedback

If you don’t already have it, you’ll need to get some tough skin in order to get through the trials and tribulations of putting your relationship back together. You’ll no doubt get some feedback that is hard to hear as you make amends and work towards the future. That feedback can be hard to incorporate so keeping an open mind is essential.

Having Hope

Having some hope for a quality future with your spouse is one of the best ways to keep the motivation to create a different dynamic within your relationship. Hope will ensure that you don’t give up when things start to seem like they’re just too tough to deal with. An effective way to keep the hope alive is to spend some time every day envisioning what you’d like your marriage to be like in a couple of years time.

Doing Things Different

In the end, saving your relationship comes down to doing things differently. You can’t keep doing the same things over and over again while expecting a different outcome. In order to ensure a loving and healthy marriage, a commitment needs to be made to do things completely different from here on out.

Expect it to take quite some time to completely heal your marriage because not only do changes need to be made, but trust has to be rebuilt. However, you will start to see improvements in your relationship within just a few weeks of making a strong commitment to mending your marriage.

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