Remember how nice and organized your home was when you first moved in and neatly arranged all of your furniture and decorations before the clutter encroached? It can be that way again if you decide to get your house organized. Here are some tips to get started.

Accept The Space You Have

A common misconception among those with clutter in their homes is that if they just had more room, they could keep it tidy. What actually occurs in those cases is they just have more space to accumulate more clutter. Take a good look around your home and acknowledge its space limitations. Then learn to work within those parameters. Most homes have pockets of unused space that can be put to work for you, storing books, clothing, dishes and paperwork neatly out of the way.

Limit What You Put In That Space

Get a little ruthless. To really commit to getting your house organized you have to be prepared to donate or toss out a lot of things that are no longer adding aesthetic value to your home. Go through each closet and make two piles, one for Goodwill and one to toss. The rule of thumb is that if you haven’t worn it in a year, out it goes. The same for that pair of jeans you’ve been holding onto for five years or the last baby. If you lose the weight one day you can reward yourself with a new pair.

Paperwork is a big bugaboo for many people. Eliminate most of your paper bills and receipts by signing up for electronic billing. Get and use a filing cabinet for what must be kept.

Invest Time Each Day In Organizing/De-Cluttering

Many people get overwhelmed with one massive housecleaning project, which is normal. It’s understandable to get frustrated and discouraged when you’re trying to get your house organized, especially if you’ve really let the clutter take over. Instead of one exhausting clean-up, set aside 30 minutes every day to tackle another area. Set a kitchen timer or your smartphone and go like gangbusters for a half an hour. You’ll see a difference, which may inspire you to keep on for another 30 minutes. But it’s okay if you don’t.

Learn New Skills From a Professional

Not everyone is blessed with organizational skills, and that’s okay too. There’s an entire industry made up of professional organizers who made lucrative careers out of teaching people how to de-clutter and organize their homes. You don’t have to hire them; tips and shortcuts are a few mouse clicks away. Check them out and incorporate the ones that work in your home.

Start With Small Steps

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. What’s bugging you the most? Maybe it’s an overflowing junk drawer. That’s an easy fix — dump it all out and throw 90 percent of it away. What remains can be arranged in a desk organizer or placed in small plastic containers or old check boxes. Maybe it’s a closet full of puzzles and games with pieces missing or mixed together. Pop in a movie and as you watch it, sort pieces and throw out any games with lost parts.

If it’s a big area like a garage or storeroom, choose a corner and get to work. Pitch old paint cans and stiffened brushes and the rake with the loose handle. Neatly line up what remains that’s still useful. You’ll find your rhythm and be proud of yourself. Then, once you get your house organized, set up a schedule for routine chores to keep it neat and uncluttered.

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