Together, we will create actionable practices by building and refining your assertiveness skills, resiliency skills, and self-esteem. We can enhance these skills through individual, online therapy, couples therapy, and family therapy. These three skills are effective in helping meet your individual, relationship, and/or professional goals.


I will help you learn to take the initiative to express your convictions and concerns honestly to others. Conversations and interactions are tailored in a way where such self-expression is not at the expense of others’ feelings.  I teach how assertiveness is most effective when exercised with empathy and compassion. A plan can be developed on how to express yourself, set boundaries, and explore why is important for healthy relationships.  It contributes not only to your own well-being and productivity but to the quality of all of your relationships.


This is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity or stress. I assist clients to grow within their capacity to respond easily to the changes in their circumstances. Resiliency helps you to let things go and move on. Without resiliency, we tend to become entrenched in old patterns. You will learn how to be resilient and build coping skills. Building resiliency will alleviate stress and hopelessness.

Self Esteem

Self-esteem is enjoying who you are and allowing others to experience your genuine self. You will begin to feel confident, empowered, strong, and content when you build upon developing your self-esteem. I help clients to process difficult experiences and negative beliefs about themselves. Throughout our family therapy, you may discover your unique qualities and how powerful it is to love who you are and in return accept love from others.