Special needs families have unique and demanding lifestyles. The divorce rate for couples with a special needs child is significantly higher than typical families, and this special dynamic needs to be supported in an exclusive way. At times, it can be difficult to get this kind of support from friends and families in their lack of understanding of the very specific daily challenges that you face. I understand your journey and can give you the support you need. I also provide education and resources for assisting parents to advocate for their special needs child. It would be a privilege to hear your story and explore ways I can help you.
Advocacy provides support and powerful education to maximize your child’s education and experience in the home and community.

We all have a need for insight that is outside of our normal life and cultural experience. The power of hiring and advocate creates a one-on-one opportunity for collaboration, goal achievement, and problem-solving. This is a developmental partnership through which one person shares knowledge, skills, and perspective to foster the personal or professional growth of someone else.

I advocate for parents of children with special needs. Although I am not an attorney, you will benefit from almost 10 years experience defending my son’s needs, such as securing services through the regional center and school district. I can expose you to a wealth of information I have accumulated from working with my own advocate and attorney. As a result, you will most likely receive additional services you have the right to from your school and county regional center.

I can help you successfully navigate a confusing system and teach you how to support your child long term because ultimately you are the only one who can fight for what your child needs. There is no reason to struggle through the process of accessing supports and services in the community and school district.

Some typical examples of why you may want to consider consulting an advocate for the school setting are:

  • You need help understanding or preparing for an IEP meeting
  • Your child is not making progress or possibly regressing
  • Your child has the same goals as the year before
  • The district or teacher is confusing you or they are not answering your questions.
  • The district does not want to assign a one-on-one aide to your child
  • The district is talking options about special education classes and general education classes.
  • You think there may be a reason to modify the daily curriculum and homework
  • Your child is spending too little or too much time in the resource room
  • The district is not offering summer school as an option
  • Being reimbursed for travel time to and from school
  • Many more…

These are examples of why you may want to consider consulting an advocate for challenges with your county regional center:

You are not familiar with or you can’t qualify for (IHSS) In Home Supportive Services and/or being limited hours

  • You are not familiar with or you can’t qualifying for Protective Supervision Services and/or being limited hours
  • You are not familiar with the Medi-Cal Waiver for free services
  • You need regional center IPP meeting preparation and support
  • Denied respite care
  • Denied or limited hours for ABA therapy
  • Was told your child is “too old” to receive certain services
  • The variety of handicap services available
  • Vendor services available
  • Many more…


If you are not aware of these services or struggling to get the maximum benefit allowed by law, contact me so I can help you be successful right away.