Video counseling is a convenient way to experience online therapy from the comfort of your own home or office through an online video chat between you and your therapist.  Online video counseling is a live video counseling session and is similar to a traditional office appointment.

Online Therapy

An example of a why you might book an online video counseling session may be:

  • Need to have an appointment during a lunch or dinner break at work.
  • Convenient in between errands, during a busy schedule
  • Very early or late appointments, outside of normal business hours
  • Saves you on childcare and travel expenses
  • Private
  • Professionals in your area

In addition, I offer online video counseling to California residents outside of the Simi Valley area, and for those who:

  • Can not travel to the therapy office
  • Travel often and desire to maintain therapeutic momentum
  • Do not have professionals in their area


Contact us if you have any questions about our online marriage counseling, family counseling, therapy services, or our special needs advocacy services.