Jeanine Duncan-Ciarlone, LMFT

  • Licensed Marriage Family Therapist
  • M.S. Counseling
  • B.A. Psychology
  • Certified in Biblical Counseling
  • CAMFT (California Association of Marriage Family Therapists) Member
  • Special Needs Advocate
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Gray Matters

4545 Industrial Street

Suite 5L

Simi Valley, CA 93063

I am happily married to my husband John for almost 25 years and we are joyfully raising our two children, one of whom has autism.

My background includes 25 years of clinical experience in psychology, parenting, advocacy, family dynamics, counseling and therapy. This experience helps my clients uncover the thresholds that block them from reaching their full potential. Through my unique style, I specialize in tailoring therapy to compliment each client’s personality and needs.

As a family therapist, I am happy to announce that my clients consistently have an excellent treatment success rate. My clients report I am effective in helping them reach their goals, whether it’s through counseling or advocacy support. This is accomplished partly by continual education and research that is necessary to help formulate the optimal treatment plan and style that meets your needs.

The feedback given to me states that I provide an emotionally safe, genuine, nurturing, and non-judgmental therapeutic relationship. People are motivated to make changes and allow themselves to take the time to explore their story with me. It is this type of relationship that produces the greatest success.

I am a passionate marriage counselor and family counselor that is all about helping you locate hidden strengths, resources, and purpose in order to support your healing and meeting your goals individually or as a couple.

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